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9. Models 63H1, H2, BF
Roll-In/Transfer Shower  ADA Compliant

Fiber-Fab Models 63H1, H2, BF

Color: White
Ext. Dim:
63" W x 37-1/2" D x 79-1/2" H
160 Lbs. ± 10 Lbs
10 Year Limited Warranty

Standard Features


Meets Federal ADA requirements


One-piece construction allows for easy installation


Sandwich-Wall Construction


Sanitary Ware Gel Coat


Anti-slip floor provides added safety (meets ASTM -462)


Clear floor space is 57-1/8" x 31"


No recess bottom

Optional Features

No recess bottom

Low Profile bottom

Pre-installed through-bolted curtain rod

Removable threshold

Pre-installed through-bolted flangeless grab bar(s)

Pre-installed four-legged fold-down seat

Barrier-free ramp

Barrier-free splash guard

Dimensional Tolerance ± ¼". Dimensions needed for site preparation should be measured from the unit.


Models 63H1, H2, BF

The unit shall be constructed of two layers of fiber reinforced composite, separated by a non-organic, polyester core. No wood, cardboard, or other non-polyester core material is permitted as part of the fiberglass assembly. This unit shall conform to ANSI Z124.2. An extra belt of reinforcement will be applied around the lower walls for maximum rigidity and durability. All laminate shall have a minimum of 18% glass content with no more than 35% calcium sulfate added to ensure fire retardation. A composite support plate shall be laminated to the bottom of the structure for added strength. No wood coring is permitted for bottom support. The specified finish of the fixture shall be 100% isothalic sanitary grade Gelcoat with a minimum dry thickness of 15 mills.

Unit shall comply with Standard Consumer Safety Specification ASTM-462 for slip-resistant bathing facilities and with ADA and OAR Chapter 411, Division 55 and 56.

Model 63H1: Features a fold-down phenolic seat with stainless steel support tubing, as well as a 1¼" diameter “L” shaped stainless steel grab bar. Please specify Left- or Right-hand plumbing.

Model 63H2: Includes a full wrap-around 1¼" diameter stainless steel grab bar.

Model 63BF: Is a barrier-free shower stall without bar or seat option and is ADA ready.*

* Revised ADA guidelines allow the installation of a barrier-free shower (no seat and no bar) provided the seat and grab bar can be added later. The two-legged or the four-legged fold-down seat may be installed after the initial construction. Additional backing is required for the fold-down seat; the backing may be added upon request during initial construction or reinforcement may be added after construction.

Low Profile Option: This option brings the threshold height on the model 63H1 transfer shower to 1".

However, a 8" X 8" area must be blocked out around the drain to allow the drain to sit below the subfloor.

No Recess Option: Available only on Fiber-Fab’s 63" Roll in Shower, designated as “NR” after the model number. i.e.; 63H1NR

In applications where recessing or Chip Crete overlay is impractical, Fiber-Fab’s “No Recess” option is the logical choice. The diagram below illustrates the ¼" lip that sits on the floor transitioning to a molded in ramp that rises up at a rate of 2 to 1. This rise is allowed under ADA and ANSI. This unit is glued directly to the sub-floor and the ¼" lip is either feathered back into the sub-floor, or an overlay of tile or other¼" material is applied. The best applications are on existing concrete floors, post tension concrete, or other places where curb height is crucial but recessing is impossible or impractical. Check with local code officials on the ADA and ANSI compliance of this model.

odels 63H1, H2, BF
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