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Fiber-Fab® offers three choices of entry curb heights for accessible product. The following is a guide in selecting the proper shower curb for the required application.

Standard Handicap Shower Bottom

When installing a Fiber-Fab® shower in places where the lip height is not critical, our standard bottom is the strongest and most economical choice. A ribbed, pre-leveled bottom plate supports the base of the shower every two inches, eliminating the need to mud set, grout, or glue the bottom of the shower to the sub-floor. This bottom is often used in areas where the curb height is not crucial or on concrete floors where recessing is not an issue.

Curb Heights:
38" Transfer Shower: 1-3/8" lip.
40" Knock Down Transfer Shower: 1-3/8" lip.
48" handicap 1-1/2" lip.
60" roll in shower: 2" lip.
ADA Compliant 63" roll in shower 1-5/8" lip.

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Fiber-Fab® standard bottom

Low Profile Option

Fiber-Fab's Low Profile unit offers a lower curb as is designated by the "LP" after the model number. i.e.; 38H1LP

A Low Profile unit requires the drain location to be blocked out, and fire stop issues resolved to accommodate the bottom of the drain area protruding beneath the level of the sub-floor. It is also suggested that the shower bottom be glued to the sub-floor with construction adhesive. This application is best used where recessing can not be accomplished, and a one inch overlay of the sub-floor is planned with materials such as "Chip Crete" or light weight concrete.

Low Profile Curb Heights:
38" Transfer Shower: 5/8" lip.
40" Knock Down Transfer Shower: 5/8" lip.
48" handicap 5/8" lip.
60" roll in shower: 1-1/4" lip.

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Fiber-Fab® low profile bottom
Note: Drain protrudes below sub-floor level, area around drain will need to be blocked out.
See individual model drawings for details.


No Recess Option

Available only on Fiber-Fab's 63" Roll in Shower, designated as "NR" after the model number. i.e.; 63H1NR

In applications where recessing or Chip Crete overlay is impractical, Fiber-Fab's "No Recess" option is the logical choice. The diagram below illustrates the 1/4" lip that sits on the floor transitioning to a molded in ramp that rises up at a rate of 2 to 1. This rise is allowed under ADA and ANSI. This unit is glued directly to the sub-floor and the 1/4" lip is either feathered back into the sub-floor, or an overlay of tile or 1/4" material is applied. The best applications are on existing concrete floors, post tension concrete, or other places where curb height is crucial but recessing is impossible or impractical.

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Fiber-Fab® no recess option
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