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3. Models 132C, 132TC
Combination Tub / Shower


Superior Models 132C, 132TC

Color: White
Ext. Dim: 60" W x 32" D x 74" H
Material: Gelcoat
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

Standard Features
This 37-gallon combination tub/shower features a gently sloped backrest for reclining comfort.
Extra soap and shampoo ledges are molded in at elbow height when standing in tub, as well as a soap and shampoo ledge at tub level. An anti-slip floor is included for added safety.
A unique composite support plate is laminated to the bottom for added strength eliminating “flex” or “sponging”. Select Left- or Right-hand plumbing.
The model 132C includes a 3" above-ground rough.

Optional Features

Pre-installed through-bolted curtain rod

Tempered glass enclosures

Wide selection of contemporary colors

Dimensional Tolerance ± ¼". Dimensions needed for site preparation should be measured from the unit.


Models 132C, 132TC
The unit shall be constructed of two layers of fiber reinforced composite with composite stringers or stiffeners inserted between the two layers of composite for added stiffness and rigidity. No wood, card board, foam or other non polyester resin based products are allowed as core material. The unit shall conform to ANSI Z124.2 and be listed by an accredited listing agency to assure compliance. All laminate shall have no less than 18% glass content and contain no more than 35% calcium sulfate filler to assure the fixture is fire retardation. A composite support plate shall be laminated to the bottom of the fixture for added support and strength. No wood coring is permitted in the bottom of the fixture. The specified finish of the unit shall be 100% isothalic sanitary grade gel coat with no less than 15 mills dry thickness.

Models 132C, 132TC
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Model 132TC (Simulated tile)

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